Yefloiland is looking for YouTubers and Streamers

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    Yefloiland - Looking for YouTubers and Streamers

    We are currently looking for YouTubers and/or Twitch Streamers that are willing to record on our server for a small compensation. Making videos on our server helps our server and your channel to grow. Our server will attract more new players and your channel will receive more views and ultimately you will earn subscribers or followers.

    * 300 subscribers or followers;
    * Regular gameplay videos on our server, this means you should upload one video per week or stream once a week on our server;
    * Professional and good looking videos or streams.

    * Exclusive [YouTuber] or [Streamer] tag on our server and forum;
    * The ability to fly, exclusively for the purpose of shooting videos (direct guidance of an admin or higher).
    * Same features as a premium Spirit member has;
    * Ability to advertise your channel on the server and forum.

    If you are interested you can send a private message to Somegras.
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