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    Here is the official info for the coming map reset.

    First off we will start with the map itself.
    The map will be split into two sections (two different worlds)

    The infrastructure region:
    Which will be where all the custom building are, e.g. Spawn, the Pirate Ship, the Labyrinth, Goossen Village, etc. This is where the story line and most of the quests may take place, and also where you can move from place to place or straight into the wild. During world resets, these regions will remain untouched.

    and The Wild Region: Which will be where players explore, find treasure, and collect resources. Some quests may take place here, such as quests that require you to collect, for example, 5 diamonds and bring it back to the one who gave you the quest. Here players may build if they want, though it would be erased every time the map resets.

    Next are Quests.
    Quests will not be changing much from where they are as of right now but there will be a main questline that is currently in development and will be released shortly after the reset.

    The Village system is next on my list:
    As I mentioned in my post back in may we will be implementing a Village system. The way this will work is a player will build up a town to the server requirements and will then request to be a mayor. (full detail on this located here: )

    And now for the reset effect itself
    Yes, I know, map resets suck and you dont want to loose all your stuff. Its a pain but its for the betterment of the server. However, because our playerbase is so small we will be taking in build move requests which will allow your base to be moved over to the new map to a location of your choosing. There will be limits to this which can be found here:

    Thank you for reading this thread, I hope I have answered your questions and covered everything you wanted to know, if not please feel free to message me on discord.

    ~ Gym
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    NOTICE: Terms will be different in-game

    e.g.:Town will become Village, Mayer could become Village Chieftain or just a Chief, or something along those lines.

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