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    There were many unwanted events occurring around our community the past few weeks. It may have looked like we have not done anything about it, I will try to make everything clear on this topic.

    What happened and why was the server offline for days?
    We have been a target of a hack where all server data was wiped. Luckily there were backups stored deep on our machine and we were able to set everything up again. We also made sure that the used breaches are now secured.

    Why are you so inactive?
    I currently have an internship, this means I have working days of 9-10 hours. Besides, I have another network that requires my attention more because its state is instable. Thus I have no time to create new builds or maintain the Staff.

    So the server is dead till you have more time?
    No, ItsGym is going to maintain the server and make sure there will be updates on a regular base. I decided to promote him to Server Owner today to give him the possibility to fully use his power. I will keep the server online and pay for the server host and website.

    Why is the server down right now?
    After the attack the server became a victim of a large attack, this is also influenced by my other network. Currently, I am working on a better security and balancing. This means the direct IP of Yefloiland will change. I am waiting for this IP to be activated, the server will be back online once I have access and configured the firewall.

    I hope I made things clear, Yefloiland is not going to die anytime soon (I heard there were rumors).
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