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    Yefloiland - Build 2

    * Implemented a custom enchantment system, we now provide over 80 custom enchantments.
    * Optimized McMMO's leveling system.
    * Added a Veteran rank for retired staff members that were with us for longer than two months.
    * Ability to create notch (enchanted) golden apples
    * Added a Chat Reaction system.
    * Implemented a pet system, every Lord or higher can own one pet.

    Build 2.1 (small update)
    * Added a referral system, you can now invite friends to our server. Using the referral command will reward both players.
    * Fixed small performance issues with the pet system.

    Why has my level been set to 0?
    It was very easy to gain levels with the McMMO settings we had when we launched. It is vital to change this system. It was impossible to transfer your levels to our current system. We could have reset your stats, and change this system later but we expected that no one would be satisfied if we did this. We promise that there will be no level resets from now on.
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