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    Dear Yefloilanders

    The server is building progress and therefore we are looking for Staff members who could help testing and building a 'hardcore'' community already. Before our official launch you will be responsible for the following tasks:
    • Testing and reporting scripting bugs to the developer;
    • Create tutorials about server systems on the forum;
    • Server as a recruiter: you will apply interest to others within the Minecraft scene;
    • Furnising and moderating the forum and website.
    Once we are launched you will have to follow our administration policy. This is a document with all our rules and guidelines directly related to te staff team. After server launch we expect you to maintain the following tasks (globally):
    • Maintaining server, website and Discord order and stability;
    • Execution of the applicable policies and procedures;
    • Processing player reports, refund requests and unban requests.
    We gladly ask you to have (at least) the following competencies:
    • Intellectual for server management;
    • You have to be a team player;
    • Willing to develop yourself and others;
    • Attention to communication;
    • Able to write and understand English on a professional level;
    • Initiative;
    • Personal Credibility (loyalty and reliability)

    If you would like to apply to become a Staff member you can create a thread on this board with the format listed below.

    Any applications not following this format will be strictly ignored. After you have made your application a Server Owner will decide whether you are accepted or not.

    Server Management
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